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Single Blade w/ Adapter Bundle Deal

Single Blade w/ Adapter Bundle Deal

  • Brand: JL Marine Systems
  • Product Code: BNDL-PP-BLD
  • Availability: Call for Availability
  • $2,699.99

Available Options

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The purpose of the Power-Pole Bundle is to make it easier for customers who want to use an adapter plate, but don't know which one they need for their boat.  It is not the cheapest way to buy.  In fact, we have to charge for the most expensive options in order to make sure we don't lose money on the deal.  But, we will refund you the difference between the price of the bundle versus what you would have paid if you just bought the adapter plate you need for your boat configuration.  However, if you already know which adapter plate you need for your boat, the cheapest way to buy your Power-Pole and adapters is to add them separately to your shopping cart.

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Go deeper and get a stronger hold with the Power-Pole Blade shallow water anchor.

Most anglers need an adapter plate for their bass boat or flats boat and add a few accessories.  So, we created a bundle package that makes buying your Power-Pole Blade easy.

  • Pick the size and color of your Power-Pole Blade (red, blue, black, white)
  • Pick the color of your Braced adapter plate (black or white)
  • Decide if you want a travel cover and/or advanced wireless foot switch

Click add to cart and we call you get your boat information so we can get you setup with the right adapter plate to easily mount your Power-Pole to your boat.


  • 8 ft Power-Pole Blade Anchor (upgrade to 10 ft for only $100)
  • Braced Adapter Plate (whatever fits your boat)
  • Adv. Wireless Foot Switch (optional add-on)
  • Travel Cover (optional add-on)


Why do I need to provide you my info about my boat and jack plate?  
We need this info to make sure we fit your boat with the right adapter plate.

Do I have to get an adapter plate?  
NO - just pick the "Transom Mount" option.

What kind of Adapter Plate do I get?
You get a braced adapter plate.  Although 8ft Blade anchors do not require a braced plate be used, Power-Pole recommends braced plates for all Blade anchors.

If my boat requires extra hardware such as an M-to-S bracket, is that included with the bundle?
NO - You will need to buy that separately.  We will determine this when we have your boat and jack plate information and call you before we ship your order so you can decide what you want to do.

Are adapter plates for pontoon boats included with the bundle?

NO - Please call us to build an order Power-Pole anchors for your pontoon boat.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 888-580-8906, anytime!

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